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As the digital landscape evolves, so do the marketing techniques that can be used to reach new audiences and potential clients.

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

As the digital landscape evolves, so do the marketing techniques that can be used to reach new audiences and potential clients. New tools and strategies have emerged to take advantage of technological advances and growing market shifts, trying to anticipate and meet new trends and demands in the global marketplace. Because of this, businesses and brands must adapt by using these trends since doing the bare minimum is no longer feasible, and content that is unengaging or uninteresting for customers is not enough in a saturated market. This helps emphasize the importance and necessity of developing video content that can be distributed across social media, as it is a fast growing strategy that is quickly becoming a very efficient way to reach prospective customers and beyond.


Creating Your Strategy

Making a video marketing strategy requires a certain precision regarding every aspect of the creative process. This process is composed of multiple points that need to be kept in mind while creating the strategy, and identifying the specific goals of the video marketing strategy is the critical first step. It is also important to figure out what the strategy will be about and what audience will it focus on, as well as maintaining a realistic budget and timeline for the project. Additionally, identifying the rhetorical situation of the video marketing strategy is critical to the success of it. This refers to a series of situational circumstances used to bring the strategy to life and help it succeed in persuading the desired audience, which are centered around:

  1. What the target audience is 
  2. What message is being delivered or expressed 
  3. What the particular topic and context surrounding the strategy is 
  4. What the purpose of the strategy is 
  5. Why the strategy is being developed in the first place


Finally, creating the strategy can take on many different styles and approaches, all of which can be very successful with the right amount of preparation and production quality. It can take on narrative forms in live action or animated formats, just as well as it can take on testimonials, lifestyle commentary, and other social content. Audio and visuals are equally critical aspects that help complement the strategy, and the quality of these is vital to its success. 


Exploring digital marketing through this technique is a great way to diversify your brand in digital spaces, and this particular type of strategy is one of Commeta’s best strengths. As a boutique consulting firm focused on business intelligence and marketing, it’s our specialty to bring innovative strategies and trends at the forefront of your brand. You can learn more about how we want to work with you to reach your clients by visiting and reading our blog,  and you can also reach us at or by calling (407) 242-1415.