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Marketing strategies are made up of multiple parts and concepts, all of which are critical.

The Synergy of Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are made up of multiple parts and concepts, all of which are critical to not just creating the strategy, but also ensuring that the strategy can succeed in both physical and digital environments. Its ultimate or desired purpose is to influence the customers to engage with the strategy and brand by informing and persuading them, which requires a certain understanding of both the target audience and current market trends. Every strategy will also require an analytical comprehension on mediums of communication and rhetorical strategies, as well as a set of tools and individuals to help push the strategy forward. As such, every component that consists of the strategy needs to work appropriately and at its highest potential, but no part of the strategy can work successfully by itself, which is why it is important to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing strategy by promoting marketing synergy. 


What is Synergy?

Synergy refers to the interaction and cooperation of two entities to produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of its parts, whether that may be organizations, objects, or concepts. As such, marketing synergy can be inferred as when marketing initiatives and components work together to generate more efficient results that complement and enhance the marketing strategy. It’s a critical element of the creative process that puts the strategy into a completely different perspective, where all the components need to work together to achieve a more productive and powerful impact on potential customers. 


Some tips to create or improve synergy within a marketing strategy are the following:

  • Revisit specific marketing goals, which includes the overall outcome of the marketing strategy and other subgoals and need to be met as part of the project.
  • Reconsider the target audience and how they compare to their customer identity. Additionally, consider the customer’s interests and what will drive the content forward.
  • Reevaluate the value proposition of the product, what the strategy will be promoting, what the purpose of the strategy is, and how the product can benefit the customer. 
  • Generate topics for marketing campaigns and content to be distributed, which tends to be topics that can appeal to the target audience through a variety of means and rhetorical strategies.
  • Create a content calendar to coordinate the strategy’s content and campaigns, which can help the strategy to deliver consistent content while also considering potential scheduling conflicts.
  • Determine how the content will be delivered and what challenges the content will face, whether the obstacles are internal factors that can be managed or external factors that might not be controlled as easily.


It is important to maintain a productive and healthy output of creative work and collaboration to promote synergy within a team, which is a desired outcome to help any marketing strategy succeed and help the brand flourish. Commeta and its team of dedicated professionals is a boutique consulting firm that promotes synergy through working together with its clients and within itself, all of which are critical to help your brand succeed. You can learn more about Commeta by visiting and checking out our blog, and you can also reach us at or by calling (407) 242-1415, and see how your brand can flourish with the right strategy.